Walking and Biking Track: Ready, Get Set, Go!

Ease into the challenge with these simple options:

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  • Try one easy activity--here are some options:
    • Promote the Green Rewards Rideshare App (10 points)
      • This app is a great way to encourage people to carpool, vanpool, bus, walk, bike to destinations
      • You earn points for every sustainable transportation trip you take, and you can redeem them for discounts off of local restaurants, or for a chance to win a prize (like a $50 Amazon gift card)
    • Bring a Bike Presentation to your school (20 points)
      • Local Motion offers FREE 1 hour transportation bicycling presentations for Vermont schools (either for students or staff)--contact Jonathon Weber for more information
      • OR you can bring in your own expert!
    • Watch a Way to Go! Webinar (10 points)
      • These 45 minute to 1-hour presentations about School Travel Plans and how Way to Go! works are a great way to earn a few quick and easy points.  Have them going while you're cooking dinner, and you're doing two good things at once!
    • Promote sustainable transportation to school staff (10 points) 
      • Just send out an e-mail (we've got a template for you!) to staff promoting sustainable transportation
    • None of those strike your fancy?  Pick from our whole menu!

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