Tools for Success

Below is a list of resources for the
Way to Go! School Challenge

School Resources

Info Sheets

Useful Videos

  • Go!Vermont Vanpool? Vancool! video (length: 2:09)
    • Audience: coworkers, students' families, and high school students
    • Tongue-in-cheek, very fun video about vanpooling
    • Great resource for sharing with the community
  • Go! Vermont Transitwizard (length: 0:30)
    • Audience: coworkers, students, students' families
    • Promo video about the Transit app
    • Clever and short
  • Go! Vermont Transit App Explainer (length: 1:00)
    • Audience: coworkers, students, students' families
    • Informational video about how the transit app works
  • High School Students do a "Sustainble Carpool to School" video (length: 2:08)
    • Audience: Teens
    • Fun carpooling video by teens for teens
  • "The Bus" Epic Bus Ad from Denmark (length: 1:28)
    • Audience: coworkers, older students, students' families
    • --subtitled--
    • Fun video about people being very excited about riding the bus.
    • Warning--there's a sequel, and that one is pretty risque, so definitely remember to stop the video after this one is over.
  • Old Way to Go! Video (length: 0:30)
    • Audience: everyone
    • this is an older video with incorrect dates.  Best to stop after 15 seconds, before the incorrect dates start playing.
  • Green Tip-Carpooling 
    • All Audiences
    • Quick, decent video about carpooling 



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