Share Your Stories

Share Your Stories (10 points/story)

We want to see what you and your school have been doing!  Send us your stories (with photos!) of your sustainable transportation successes!  We want all of your great stories about getting kids and their families to use sustainable transportation to get around. 

How it works:

1) Write a paragraph (or two) about your success story (including what you did, when you did it, and any interesting facts that might inspire or engage people

2) Find some photos associated with your event

3) E-mail them to [email protected]

4) Repeat!

5) Report your submitted stories (10 points each!) in the event log


  • Information needed to receive points for this event:

    • Story
    • Photo
  • When you’re ready to report your events, you can log your activities here: Way to Go! Activity & Event Log.

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