School Travel Plan

Safe Routes to School Travel Plan (20 to 100 points)

  • What is a School Travel Plan?
    • A School Travel Plan is a written document that outlines a school and community’s intentions for enabling students to walk or bike to and from school. It is developed through a team-based approach that involves the school, experts, and often, members of the public. The team works together to identify barriers to walking and biking and develops strategies to address them.
    • Learn more here:
  • You have FOUR ways to earn points through a School Travel Plan

    • Creating a new school travel plan (100 points)
      • We'll help provide you with information and connect you with experts to maximize the success of your plan
    • Having an existing school travel plan (20 points)
      • Your school did all of that work, so you should get credit for it!
    • Utilizing your existing school travel plan (20 points)
      • Sometimes those plans get created, and then end up on the shelf, gathering dust. Utilizing your travel plan to inform your Safe Routes to School or Way to Go! work will also earn you points.
    • Updating your existing school travel plan (50 points)
      • A quick review of your school travel plan may reveal that you've achieved a lot of your previous goals, or that the infrastructure situation around your school has changed, or you may have new, exciting goals for your school. 
      • We'll connect you with support and experts to help you update your travel plan!


  • Information needed to receive points for this event:

    • Create a new School Travel Plan (100 points)
      • A brief description of your work starting a school travel plan.
      • We'll check in with you periodically to see if you need any help or support.
    • Updating your School Travel Plan (50 points)
      • Take a look at your school travel plan, and update it for current information.
      • If you would like help, we can set you up with experts to provide support for your update
    • Existing School Travel Plan (20 points)
    • Utilizing Existing School Travel Plan (50 points)
      • Brief description of how you utilized your School Travel Plan this year.
      • Date of any events where you utilized the School Travel Plan. 
      • Estimated number of students and staff participating in events where you utilized the School Travel Plan.
  • When you’re ready to report your events, you can log your activities here: Way to Go! Activity & Event Log.

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