Need Help Planning Your Route?

Use the Google Map tool to help map, identify and communicate the best routes for walking, rolling and biking to school.

Instructions for creating a Walking School Bus or Bike Train map, using Google Maps:

  1. Log into Google Maps using your free Google/Gmail account (necessary for creating maps).

  2. Select “My Maps.”

  3. Select “Create Map.”

  4. Zoom to your school’s location.

  5. Using the line tool, mark your walking route.

  6. Using the pin tools, mark stops on your route. Label each stop with a name and the time the Walking School Bus will meet at that point.

  7. Save your map. Select the “Share” link.

If you plan to share your map on a website, click on the menu next to the “Share” link and set your Privacy setting to “Public.” You will then have a link to your map to share.

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