Promote VT Walk/Bike Challenge

Promote Vermont Walk/Bike Challenge (10 points)

Grab your bike, boots, or shoes and participate in the Vermont Bike-Walk Challenge to win prizes, save money, feel healthier, and cut pollution! This challenge happens at least twice per year through the Go! Vermont smartphone app. Once you record the minimum number of biking or walking commutes, you'll be eligible to win prizes! Once you're using the Go! Vermont app, you will automatically be entered into the Challenge when it begins. You'll receive a message before the challenge starts as a heads-up, plus you'll get a message once you record the minimum number of commutes in the Challenge to be eligible for prizes!

Here's how to join the Challenge:

  1. Download the "Go! Vermont" app to your smartphone (Search for "Go! Vermont" in the Apple App Store or Google Play) -- or -- click here and hit the "join" button to track trips online without a smartphone
  2. Complete your profile in the app or on the website
  3. Get biking, walking, or running and record your commutes!

Vermont Walk/Bike Challenge: every day in May

Record at least 12 bike, walk, or run commutes during the month of May to be eligible to win prizes from Local Motion and businesses around Vermont! Eligible participants will be randomly chosen and notified of their prize by mid-June. 

Want to get more comfortable biking? Join us for an Everyday Biking workshop! Or click here for some great videos.

Share the Go!Vermont App with families and staff, and earn 10 points!

Go! Vermont is a resource for finding greener travel options like carpool, vanpool, bus, bike or telecommute. You can also track your greener trips with Go! Vermont and earn rewards.

Join today. It's easy and free! 

Want to learn more?  Go here: Vermont Walk/Bike Challenge


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