Points, Awards & Prizes

Earn Points and Win Prizes!


Point Levels:

You’ll automatically receive incentives and be eligible for certain prizes as you achieve each level.  The more points you collect, the more incentives you'll earn, and the more prizes you'll be eligible for!

Below are just a few of the planned incentives and prizes for 2018-2019. Check back often as more rewards are announced.

Sign up 

  • A $10 incentive for Way to Go! Champions to use to promote WTG at their school
  • Reflective stickers--one for each student and staff at your school

50 Points

  • Be Heart Healthy Temporary Tattoos--enough for every student in your school
  • Earth Erasers -- enough for every student in your school (while supplies last)
  • One entry towards Grand Prize -- an AllEarth Renewable Solar Sunflower

100 Points

  • Reflective slap bracelets -- one for each student at your school
  • Two entries into Grand Prize drawing -- an AllEarth Renewable Solar Sunflower

200 Points

  • 26 bike helmets of multiple sizes
  • Three entries into the Grand Prize drawing -- an AllEarth Renewable Solar Sunflower

300 Points

  • An inverted-U bike rack for your school! (While Supplies Last)
  • Four entries into the Grand Prize drawing -- an AllEarth Renewable Solar Sunflower
  • An additional entry into the Grand Prize drawing for every 10 points above 300.

Below is a list of the great things that you can earn and win during the 2018 Way to Go! School Challenge.

More prizes, awards and other incentives are coming soon!


Earn Helmets, Bike Racks, Plus Other Great Items!

Image is of a gift card.  Text says, "SIGN UP: $10 gift card   Way to Go! to School champions will receive a $10 visa gift card as a “thank you!” for starting this exciting journey with us!"  image includes an image of the oval reflective "Way to Go" sticker, and the text is, "SIGN UP: Reflective Way to Go! Stickers    Enough stickers for each child in your school.  Use these great reflective stickers to engage your students in Way to Go! "  Image is of 6 temporary tattoos: a red "heart health" ribbon, a trio of heart-shaped balloons, a bicycle with "Be Active", a heart with "heart healthy" in it, the phrase "get healthy get active" and a set of multiple red ribbons.  Text says, "50 POINTS: Temporary Tattoos   Enough temporary tattoos for every student in your school. Reinforce your message of the importance of healthy and active living with your students through these fun temporary tattoos!"  Image includes a round eraser about 1" in diameter, imprinted with a semi-geopolitical map of the earth, and the text, "50 POINTS:  Earth Erasers  Enough erasers for every student in  your school (while supplies last.)  Reinforce your message of the environmental benefits of the Way to Go! Challenge with these fun earth erasers!"  Image shows a reflective slap bracelet in yellow, with an example of it flat out, and an example with it as a bracelet.  Text says, "100 POINTS: Slap Bracelets    Enough for every child in your school!  These fun reflective slap bracelets give added visibility to students while they walk or bike to school."  Image is of examples of bicycle helmets.  Text says, "200 POINTS: 16 Bike Helmets    Attractive Bell helmets inspire kids to wear their helmets!  You can pick the sizes you would like, from ages 3-adult!  The helmets will be mailed directly to your school!  (Image below is for example purposes only--actual colors and styles will vary."  Image of an orange "inverted u" style bicycle rack.  Text says, "300 POINTS: 1 (or more!) Bike Rack(s)    The Hoop Rack provides high security and easy bike parking.  This rack style is highly recommended by bicycle advocates, as it allows the bicycle to be locked by the frame instead of the wheel.  Surface mount on concrete.  Parks two adult bikes, four children’s bikes.  Potential opportunity for more racks depending on availability"  

Win a Solar Tracker for Your School, Plus Other Great Prizes!

Picture of a "solar sunflower"--a solar tracker that can provide electricity to a building.

  WIN A KEURIG K-SELECT!  The Keurig® K-Select™ combines sleek design and simple button controls to help you brew your perfect cup every time. For coffee lovers that enjoy a bold brew, the Strong Brew button increases coffee's strength and intensity and the 52-ounce water reservoir means you can brew 5 cups before refilling. Four cup sizes allow you to make 6, 8, 10, or 12 ounces of your favorite beverages in under a minute, while the Quiet Brew Technology™ feature minimizes noise during use. Just pop in a pod and select your brew size to enjoy a perfect brew every time

Carbon Cup


The school with the most points will win a Carbon Cup to display in their school lobby for all to enjoy.

Carbon-Cutting Leader Awards

Schools can win a custom-made Vermont license plate trophy for Carbon-cutting leadership, based on:

  • School with the second-highest number of points
  • Highest percentage of students on the bus
  • Highest percentage of students, staff, and teachers walking, rolling or biking
  • Most Improved -- school with the most improvement in travel behavior from the Fall to the Spring
  • Best photo or video promoting the Way to Go! School Challenge shared to our Facebook or Twitter page. Share to our Facebook page here. Or, tag us on Twitter by using @WayToGoVT in your post.



All winners will be recognized during an appreciation ceremony, and announced through social media and in a statewide press release.