PARK(ing) Day

PARK(ing) Day (20 points)

What is PARK(ing) Day?  It's a day when people put a temporary mini-park in a parking spot instead of a car!  It's a fun way to demonstrate how much of our land is taken up by cars!  

PARK(ing) Day (Vermont) is scheduled for 5/16, but you can run the event on any day that works for your school.

How it works:

1) Talk to your principal/school administration and get permission for the event and work with them on the logistics, safety and location at least a few weeks in advance.  (Preference is for high-visibility locations that are also safe)

2) Once you have chosen your location (at least one, and hopefully many! parking spots), have people sign up for their own "mini-park" and let them come up with their own fun themes for their park.

3) On the day you've chosen for your PARK(ing) Day, have people start setting up their mini-parks in their designated PARK(ing) spot.  Ideally, the mini-parks will be set up all day, but even just a half-hour of mini-park enjoyment is a great way to show how our land could be used in many different ways for our community.

4) Make it fun!  Have a party!  This is meant to be a light-hearted playful event!


  • Information needed to receive points for this event:

    • Date.
    • Estimated number of Students participating.
    • Estimated number of Staff participating.
  • When you’re ready to report your events, you can log your activities here: Way to Go! Activity & Event Log.



While this manual is for the use of a metered parking spot, you can use a lot of the same tips for decorating your parking lot spot!

PARK(ing) Day Manual


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