How to Earn Points

Visit our Activities Descriptions page to get more detail on the activity options your school can choose from throughout the year.

Select the activities or events that work best for you and your school, and get points for participating! 

In order to get points, we’re making it as easy as possible!  All you need to do is:

  1. Pick an event/activity from our list (or several, if you like)

  2. Do the event/activity with your school

  3. Let us know that you’ve completed the event (if you’re doing data collection, we’ll need the data as well)

  4. Sit back and watch the points add up for your school

  5. Repeat!

Ready, Get Set, Go! (earn 10 points)

  • Sign up for Way to Go!
  • If you sign up for Way to Go! to School before September 1, 2018, you will get 20 points for signing up

Go! Big (earn 50 points each)

Keep Go!ing (earn 10 points per event)

  • Run a recurring event
    • ex: Walking Wednesdays
    • A school gets 10 points every time they run a Walking Wednesday
  • Bring sustainable transportation curriculum to more than one class
    • 50 points for the first class that integrates sustainable transportation programming into the curriculum and earn 10 points for each additional class that participates.
    • Vermont Energy Education Program can support this work.

Go! Go! Go! (earn 20 points each)