How Way to Go! Works:

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Way to Go! School Challenge
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Please stay tuned for more information on the next Challenge, coming soon!


1. Sign up your school today

It’s super simple to get your school to participate in the Way to Go! School Challenge: Simply sign up here when registration is open. To be  verified, you must identify a main point of contact or leader.

2. Get your leadership team together

At least one school leader is needed, but for best results, we recommend assembling a leadership team of 3-5 people (including students and volunteers) to help motivate students, staff, and teachers to use alternative transportation. Don’t worry – we’ll supply your team with a School Success Kit to get the most out of the challenge.

3. Get moving: 2018-2019 School Challenge dates to be announced

Whether it’s bus, bike, carpool, or roll (scooters with helmets of course!), there are multiple ways students, staff, and teachers can get to and from school. Remember, riding the bus counts. For a full list of ways to go, as well as helpful area resources, please see the Ways to Go! page.

4. Tally up your results

Before the challenge, our team will supply school coordinators with the choice of paper sheets or an online Google form to tally up the school’s results. Classroom tallies are turned in to the school coordinator, who submits the school’s results to the Way to Go! team.

To qualify for the AllEarth Renewables Solar Tracker, 50% of students, teachers, and staff from your school must bus, walk, bike/roll, or carpool for at least one morning.

  • Get one extra credit point by having 50% participation for at least 3 mornings.
  • Get one extra credit point by having 75% participation for at least one morning.
  • Get two extra credit points by achieving both of these goals.

5. Win awesome prizes & recognition for your school

Great prizes and incentives are coming!

Ready to battle carbon pollution head-on?