Data Collection

Data Collection (100 points)

  • NOTE: This section is ONLY for reporting how your students get to work on a NON-EVENT day (i.e. a "regular day with no special events happening").  If you want to report any other activities (like a Bike to School Day, a Walking Wednesday, etc), go here: 
  • We want to know if your students' travel behavior has changed over time! 
  • Capture data on all the different ways your school community gets to and/or from school in the Fall, and again in the Spring, to help identify any transportation behavior changes in your school.
  • Data collection needs to be performed during a regular (non-event) week at school. Count how students and staff travel to (or from) school for 2-3 days near the time you first sign up for Way to Go!, and again for 2-3 days of similar weather when the challenge is wrapping up.
  • You will receive 50 points for your first collection and your remaining 50 points for your last collection.  
  • Note: This is a great way to engage volunteers and students!


  • Information needed to receive points for this activity:

    • Data Collection Form (
      • Create an account (it's free and easy).
      • If your school is already on the list, and you don't have access, e-mail [email protected] to get access.
      • You can create an electronic form (for help, e-mail [email protected] for assistance).
      • Or you can utilize this form:  
        • Two or three days' worth of data is best.
        • Please collect data on two or three of these days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
        • Please choose days that don't have special Way to Go! events scheduled
        • Each classroom should receive this tally.
      • Enter the data (if using a paper form) on, or send scanned forms to [email protected] to enter data.
  • When you’re ready to report this activity, you can log your work here: Way to Go! Activity & Event Log.

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