Carpool Track: Ready, Get Set, Go!

Ease into the challenge with these simple options:

  • Sign up
  • Try one easy activity--here are some options:
    • Promote the Green Rewards Rideshare App (10 points)
      • This app is a great way to encourage people to carpool, vanpool, bus, walk, bike to destinations
      • You earn points for every sustainable transportation trip you take, and you can redeem them for discounts off of local restaurants, or for a chance to win a prize (like a $50 Amazon gift card)
    • Watch a Way to Go! Webinar (10 points)
      • These 45 minutes to 1-hour presentations about School Travel Plans and how Way to Go! works are a great way to earn a few quick and easy points.  Have them going while you're cooking dinner, and you're doing two good things at once!
    • Promote sustainable transportation to school staff (10 points) 
      • Just send out an e-mail (we've got a template for you!) to staff promoting sustainable transportation
    • None of those strike your fancy? Pick from our whole menu!

Carpool Track: Go! Go! Go!

Keep the momentum going:

Carpool Track: Go! The Extra Mile

Keep rocking this challenge:

  • Try three activities--here are some suggestions:
    • Integrate Sustainable Transportation into Your Curriculum (50 points)
      • Contact the Vermont Energy Education Program (VEEP) to get support for adding sustainable transportation to the curriculum 
      • OR create your own curriculum sequence on sustainable transportation. 
    • Create a new school travel plan (100 points)
      • A School Travel Plan is a written document that outlines a school and community’s intentions for enabling students to walk or bike to and from school. It is developed through a team-based approach that involves the school, experts, and often, members of the public. The team works together to identify barriers to walking and biking and develops strategies to address them.
      • Click here to learn more! 
    • Utilize (20 points) or Update your School Travel Plan (50 points)
      • Utilizing your School Travel Plan
        • Sometimes those plans get created, and then end up on the shelf, gathering dust. Utilizing your travel plan to inform your Safe Routes to School or Way to Go! work will also earn you points.
      • Updating Your Existing School Travel Plan
        • A quick review of your school travel plan may reveal that you've achieved a lot of your previous goals, or that the infrastructure situation around your school has changed, or you may have new, exciting goals for your school.
        • We'll connect you with support and experts to help you update your travel plan!
    • Design Your Own Program (50 points)
      • The sky is the limit! If it is sustainable-transportation related, we already love it! 
    • Recurring Event (10/day)
      • These are events that you run regularly at your school (ex: Walking Wednesdays).  A school will get 10 points every time they participate in a recurring event--like a Carpooling Wednesday.

        You can also get Recurring Event points if you bring the Vermont Energy Education Program (VEEP) (or another sustainable transportation curriculum) to more than one class at your school.  Your school will receive 50 points for the first class that integrates sustainable transportation programming into the curriculum and 10 points for each additional class that participates.

    • None of those strike your fancy?  Pick from our whole menu!

  • Report it!

Carpool Track: Go! For the Gold!

You’re in the home stretch!

  • Pick any activities that catch your fancy, or continue doing activities that are already successful
    • We do strongly suggest you do this activity: Data Collection Final Round (50 points)

      • We want to collect behavior change data from all of the hard work you've done!
    • Then, pick any number of activities from here (or repeat old favorites!)

  • Report it!
  • Get points! (yay!)