This year we are opening the Way to Go! Transportation Challenge to all Vermonters!

Battle Pollution through better transportation habits on your way to school, commute to work, or in your daily life.


Anyone can participate in the Way to Go! Challenge as part of specific events throughout the year. Adults 18-and-older can track their transportation trips through the Go! Vermont App. Stay tuned for upcoming events open to all.

Upcoming Events

February 1st -12th - Winter Walk & Bike School Event
February 12th - National Winter Walk to Work Day
February 10th - VT Winter Walk to School Day
May 1st - 16th - Statewide Spring Challenge

Past Events

October 5th - 16th - Way to Go! Fall School Challenge

February 1st-12th is the Winter Walk & Bike School Event!

Any school that pledges to participate in this challenge will receive a pack of fun mini-erasers to incentivize student participation in your event. We will provide enough for each child in your school.

Once you record your event, you will be entered to win:

One of three pairs of ski passes to a ski resort local to you


Ten pairs of Darn Tough socks!  

Getting active and outside is so important to students’ health and wellbeing (yours as well!).  This challenge provides the perfect excuse to motivate your students to get outside and PLAY.  While we will always give credit for a traditional Winter Walk/Bike to School event, this year we’re offering credit for remote and alternative walking/biking events.  This year, any event where you got kids outside, exploring their neighborhoods, or even just moving meaningfully, will count.  

Pledge to participate in a Winter Walk/Bike Event here: Winter Walk/Bike Event Pledge Form

Thank you to the 25 schools who have pledged to participate!  We look forward to seeing your submissions!

We’ve compiled a starting list of some ideas for remote Winter Walk events here!

You can record your Way to Go! Winter activity here!

For more information, download our Winter Walk & Bike School Challenge pdf by clicking on the image below:

winter walk poster icon--has a snowman holding skis against a light blue background, the words "Winter Walk Bike Challenge" and the dates: February 1st-12th.

Introducing the Mask-up Art Project

Way to Go! is excited to offer schools cases of 500 masks for students and a fun art project to decorate masks and celebrate green transportation.

The free case of masks includes:
- 500 white double cotton masks
- Activity instructions and inspiration
- Colorful non-toxic fabric pens

For more information, download our one-page PDF here:

Send in your photo submissions by March 15, 2021.  Photo submissions should be sent to [email protected]

23 schools have signed up to participate in the Mask Up Art Project.  We are looking forward to seeing the creative art pieces students create!

Information on the full-year Way to Go! School Challenge

This year-long program for K-12 schools in Vermont encourages students, staff, and teachers to rethink travel behavior for cleaner air and less fossil fuel consumption. Find cheaper, healthier, and safer ways to school and have fun in the process.

This year, all activities are the same amount of points. Head to the Get Started page to pick a track of activities or choose from the complete list.


Check to see if your school is already participating here. If your school isn't listed, you can get involved by signing up:



Check out the list of activities and start taking action! Make sure to log your school's activities to earn points towards your total:


Download the Way to Go! brochures to learn more

- Way to Go! School Challenge PDF

- Way to Go! for All Vermonters PDF