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May 4 - 15

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Join the 2 week smart trip challenge from May 4 through May 15, 2015

We want you to ditch your car for two weeks and bus, bike, walk, telecommute, or carpool and recapture your time. You’ll log miles, compete to win cool prizes, and have fun—all while saving money and helping the environment!


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Here's how it works:


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Join thousands of other New Englanders as they recapture their time and save carbon during the Way to Go challenge!


Choose your group.

After you register you’ll be asked to choose a group (a company, a team, or a school)—if your team isn’t registered you can sign up to be the team leader.  You can also participate as an individual.


Log your miles.

Enter any daily commuting you do into the log—whether it’s for work, getting to school, running errands, or just to socialize.


Planning your ride? 

Find bus schedules, carpool matching, cycling routes and more resources at Go!Vermont.

Check out these prizes! 

We've got great prizes for teams, individuals, and schools that really rack up the carbon savings. At the end of the challenge we award the coveted Carbon Cup. 

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Make the challenge awesome!

Come back often!

You can check on your real-time stats, see how many trips you’ve made, miles you’ve gone, and CO2 emissions you’ve eliminated.

Share your dedication!

Motivate others to reclaim their rides and make it interesting by sharing photos and experiences with your friends. #waytogovt #reclaimyourride

Celebrate your success!

Exceptional trip totals will be rewarded with fun prizes! You don't have to stop on May 15th—keep taking smart trips all year for a healthier New England!